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Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe

Rhonda Testimony of God's Grace 

I have to share my testimony with everyone. I found myself unemployed after working almost 20 years at my previous employer. I was offered a lesser paying position or a severance package. After praying and feeling confident that I made the right decision I accepted the severance package. I also had vacation time which was the maximum I could earn over 400 hours. This enabled me to pay off some bills and take a much needed vacation to see my Grand-babies. In January 2018 I started seriously searching for a job. I looked on every job board I could think of and those which friends and family told me about. Applied for 118 Jobs, completed numerous assessments, phone interviews and several face to face interviews. All I can say is what an experience. It was a roller coaster ride for sure. It tested my faith in trusting God to open that right door. There were several positions I would have loved to had some great opportunities. But God kept closing those doors. I prayed to ask God to open the right door so I would not be out of his will. Did I question why things were moving so slowly yes. I heard and seen other testimonies of God opening doors for other people almost immediately. I was happy for them but in the back of my mind I questioned when would it be my time. After going through my severance package I started collecting my unemployment. Between unemployment and my vacation money I was able to pay all my bills. This included significant cutting back on all expenses. Fast forward my unemployment ran out. The vacation money was pretty much gone. I could only pay bills for approximately one more month. Throughout this I continued to pay tithes the whole time even on my unemployment. I decided I was going contact temp to hire companies to see if they could help. I needed to get back to work to earn a living. I found depression and worry creeping in. I had to pray to keep those thoughts under control. I have to say through all of this I had a great support of family and friends. I had friends constantly sharing their similar stories and praying for me. Sharing scriptures and praying for me at the right time when I needed encouragement. This Included my landlord who was great to work out arrangements so I was able to not fall behind on rent. It included a sister and my boys offering me a place to live if it came down to it. I was overwhelmed by the love and support I had was awesome. Then in the later part July 2018 I had a phone interview, a one on one interview and a job offer. My new boss wanted me to start. August 1st. The company policy was either start on the 1st or 15th they were not sure if they could get it pushed through. She was going to try to push it through. This job has an awesome benefit package and it’s five minutes from my house. Everything was falling into place one right after the other. All because I have a relationship with the one who died on the cross for my sins I share all of this to say no matter what circumstance you find yourself in God loves you and he is always there to provide your needs. It may not be what you want when you want it. If you are faithful to God he will always provide for you. It’s not always our timing but his.

Greetings! My name is Betty and this is my Testimony about being healed...of Sugar Diabetes.

I was attending a regularly scheduled Service at the Church I was a member of. During the course of the Service, Prayer Requests were being taken. A lady in the Congregation said she was going to the Doctor to be checked because she had some symptoms that suggested she had the onset of Diabetes and she wanted the Church to pray for her. Unknown to the Pastor, I was taking Medicine for Sugar Diabetes, he asked if anyone else had been touched by Diabetes, I went forward to be prayed for. I was annointed with Oil and as they laid their hands on me and prayer began in a flash I felt something leave my body and I knew in an instant I was healed!  Later that week I had a physical scheduled with my Doctor. It was during that Physical that it was confirmed what Jesus had done. The Doctor took me off all my Medication and told me; whatever you have done don't ever stop. I was able to witness to him about what had happened just a couple of days ago, he replied...I believe. Even though that little Church is no longer, my healing still remains. I have not had a Diabetic episode nor any Medicine nor any need for it. The Sugar Diabetes has been gone now for 11 years!

God is so good and will do the same for you!


Hello Andy here; I want to tell you what has happened! The internal bleeding I had requested prayer for my Grandfather has stopped and is doing rehab for a couple of weeks to get enough strength back then he goes Home. The Doctors were amazed and realized where this came from and thank God for it!


No Chemotherapy needed

I requested prayer for my Mom, Stephanie. She was diagnosed with Cancer but after seeing the Oncologist she doesn't need Chemotherapy as she doesn't have Cancer. She did have to have a Pace-maker however there are no complications in that area what-so-ever.

Thank you Joy-Family & Friends 

Praise's For God's Miracle's

Miracle of Deliverance

 Lord You are Good and Your Mercy endureth forever. Thank You Lord Jesus for delivering my son Eddie and his family from the hands of the enemy. Thanks and God Bless you all, Eva.



Praise Report!!!

Employment, Healing, Contentment

"dear please praise about me and my family god he answer most of our prayer requests specialy i was with out work for along timme but now god he give me work aswellas ihave peace ,love ,joy aswellas i am heald from my sickness
-thank you about your prayer help
-thanks god about his answer
-god bless you richly;  ammanuel"



Praise Report!!!

Premature Baby Healed

Originally I had asked for your prayers regarding my nephew Isaiah who is now 3 1/2 months old.  He was born premature and had multiple hernias as of today the 18th of January he weighs over 11 pounds and is starting to pull around on his belly now and is gettings some teeth, God is good, you would never know he was a preemie.

Thank you for your faithful prayers-Thank You Jesus-For Everything!!!

Thank you, Sabrina



Healed of WPW Syndrome aka Wolf-Parkinson-White

When a person hears that word "I was healed" or God healed me! most become skeptical we are here to say don't be because people are being healed and Jesus is the one who does the healing.

How can you be so sure you may be asking, well my family and I have experienced it first hand. You see our daughter was healed and we can prove it by the doctors. When she was 3 months old we picked her up from the babysitter and went home. As the evening went by we noticed that she was not acting normal; she was always ?talking? and was a very animated baby but on this night she just sat there and she started to get this sick gray color. We tried to talk to her and get her to respond but she just looked at us, we knew something was not right. We took her to the emergency room and was told that her heart was beating over 300 beats per minute and the reason for the gray color and non response was that when the heart does that the body thinks that it is having heart failure and will direct all the attention for the heart and pump blood to the Vital Organs. On the way to the hospital we called grandma and grandpa and others by the time we reached Farmington there were at least 3 churches praying for our daughter.

Well the first miracle that night was that a doctor who specializes in cardiac medicine was on duty at the ER and had a pretty good idea what was happening. He immediately knew what medication to give and the right dosage to give our daughter to get her heart to a normal rate. Within 30 minutes our daughter was ?talking? to us and trying to fuss with the IV tubes. They decided to send our daughter to St. Louis to Children?s Hospital to see why her heart rate did what it did. Grandma met us at the hospital and when they brought our daughter off the ambulance Grandma was standing there and our daughter looked right at her and started jabbering and ?talking? to her. The ambulance crew told us that she ?talked? to them all the way up. Grandma looked at us and said ?She?s gonna be ok?.

For 3 days they ran tests on her and for 3 days prayers were prayed. On the third day the doctors told us that she had WPW Syndrome where the heart had an extra channel, shortcut exists from the atria to the ventricles where the top part of the heart would beat at one speed while the bottom would beat at another. They told us that she would need surgery to close the channel. They said that they could put her on medicine for a year to control the heart beat but the only way to ?cure? WPW Syndrome was surgery. They also told us that she would not grow normally she would be weak and sickly and would not be able to play like ?normal? children that she would tire easily and continue to have rapid heartbeat episodes even on the medication and that we may even have to change to a stronger medication. So for a year we gave our daughter the medication and prayed.

During that year we had regular doctor visits that recorded the second miracle. Our daughter grew normally, as a matter of fact she was at the top side of the charts. She played with other children and just as much. She was not sickly nor did she tire out and she NEVER had another episode while on the medication and we never had to change medication. The doctor told us that this just was not normal with a child taking this medication or with WPW Syndrome.

At the end of the year we went to the cardiologist in St. Louis and was told that he could barely tell that the extra chamber was there but there was still evidence that it was and that we should think of having the surgery while our daughter was young. The doctor stated that she was doing so well that he decided to take her off the medication and that our pediatrician could monitor her at her normal checkups, but stated that she would still need surgery to close the extra chamber within a year. We told the Cardiologist that we?d give the Lord a year and if he couldn?t do it by then, then we?d let him do what he went to School for. The doctor agreed and we went home continuing to pray.

During that next year our daughter grew and played and progressed as a normal child would for the next few years. At the end of that year the third miracle happened. We were at a regular checkup when the doctor listened to her heart and said ?Sounds beautiful? I asked him about the WPW Syndrome and he stated that he had better take another listen just to make sure. You see they could hear the sound of the extra chamber while listening to her heart, it gave off a very distinctive sound. He listened, then listened again and had a funny look on his face. He asked ?Did you have the surgery?? We told him no and he listened again and asked us ?Are you sure?? We assured him that we had not and asked why. He looked straight in our eyes and said ?Because. I do not hear anything that gives the indication that she still has the extra chamber, it sounds normal?

Our daughter is now 12 years old and has grown into a lovely young lady who loves God. She hasn?t had anymore episodes and has not been on medication since she was one and a half. She knows this testimony and will be the first one to tell you ?I am healed and I know who did it - Jesus.? And to update Grandma?s words ?She IS alright?

So if you are looking for a miracle ask God for your healing and believe that His promises are true. Jesus took 39 stripes for your healing. It has been proven that there are 39 base diseases that all sickness stems from, coincidence? Our family does not think so, cause one of those 39 stripes was for our daughters heart and can be for whatever you need healing for.

Tim & Linda



Dec. 6, 2008


I started having severe pain this past Saturday (12/06/08). It was so severe that I walked the floor that night in terrible, terrible pain trying to pray for myself. Around 3:00 AM I called my pastor, Sis. Luella and she prayed. Even though I was still hurting I walked the floor all night long and prayed.

On Sunday morning I called to let them know that I could not make it to church. In the middle of the church service my pastor asked the church to stand and pray for me. I can?t tell you the exact time, but on Sunday morning I was healed. The pain was gone and the only thing I was, was tired from being up all night.

We need people for us to have confidence in to pray for us and I have confidence in my pastor and thank God that she was willing to pray for me at 3 in the morning. You see I don?t have insurance could not afford to go to the emergency room; if you wanted to you could say the only insurance I have is faith.

I can not explain what happened to me all I know is that I was in pain and then I was not. God has healed me before, but this time it was different there was something special about this experience - my life has been changed.

God is good and I praise him not only for his healing but for all things and that He is still healing, saving and filling people with the Holy Ghost.

My Gift Is Me
The Collingsworth family (Feels Like Christmas)