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Ruby M. Johnson

12/26/1934 - 7/29/2012

Known to Family and Friends for utilzing her talent of playing Piano and singing duets with her sister, P. JoAnn Johnson, a variety of Trios as well as with the  Choir. An Adherent at Victory Tabernacle for over 40 years serving in various capacities under Pastors, Reverends Ethel & Luella (Plunkett) Masterson, the Masterson Sisters.

In her Words:

 "We were asking the Lord to find a place that could use and needed our Talents, it was after that our Life at Victory Tabernacle began."

Ruby M. Johnson

As the Site owner and an acquaintence of Sis. Ruby Johnson I wanted to place a personal note about her. If I had to say just one thing in appreciation it would be; if it was on her mind you would soon know what it was and where she stood. I once heard her take a Biblical stand against something that truly was not in the Word. It didn't matter who this person was, it wasn't in the Word and as 2 Timothy 3:16 says..."profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:"; she alerted them the Word teaches us to abstain from worldliness and admonishes us when and/or if we do not. John warns us that there are those who'd sneak into the Church with an Anti-Christ Spirit. I appreciate anyone (Sis. Ruby) who takes a stand for/with the Lord!